Concierge Security Services

The Protective Countermeasures, Inc., Concierge Security Service (CSS) is a bespoke security offering for High- and Ultra-High Net Worth individuals who, because of their status, may have to contend with an invasive interest in their private and business lives. On a daily basis, these executives, celebrities, and private citizens are targets of intelligence gathering, surveillance, and other privacy intrusions and safety concerns. From the curious celebrity follower to the more aggressive (and possibly life-threatening) stalker, their reputation, pursuit of happiness, livelihoods, and possibly their physical safety – and that of their families – may be at risk.

We understand the most important threats you and your family feel today are: Physical, Cyber, Travel, Collectibles and other possession, Investments, and Relationships.

The Protective Countermeasures CSS program is unparalleled in the security industry today. Each client and environment is unique, so each program is specifically curated to address your unique needs. We work hand-in-hand with your attorneys, business, family office, and other important personnel such as your pilot or yacht captain. Working with your attorney provides for “attorney work product” confidentiality. And with our backgrounds in military and law enforcement, we operate under a “classified secret” and “need-to-know” standard.

If selected as a client for this service, costs include an initial retainer plus a monthly fee.

The services included will be discussed with you privately, however the Concierge Security Services include:

  • Dedicated Security Advisor
  • Special 800# to a live operator our 24 x 7 operations center
  • Secure, encrypted communications with a security team
  • Immediate-to-two-hour response from our corporate team
  • Status reports upon request
  • On-going Protective Intelligence Operations, customized to your needs.

For an immediate response today, call our operations center at: 914-576-8706 now.