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The Laymen's Social Engineering in the 21st Century
Defend Yourself Against Corporate Espionage

Do your competitors know too much about your business? Are you losing proposals and solicitations, and the only answer is that someone is inadvertently giving away your knowledge base? Protective Countermeasures Inc. shows your executives, communications, sales professionals and support staff how to avoid revealing proprietary information through seemingly innocent phone calls and emails.

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Risk can take many forms, but the net effect is a danger to executives, employees, computer systems, physical facilities or other sensitive areas, any of which can have a major economic impact on an organization. We will discuss competitive intelligence, corporate espionage and social engineering…all issues that you must contend with on a daily basis, whether you are aware of it or not.

Learn how to guard your company against phone and email spoofing, and how to develop techniques to counter corporate espionage.

These threats are real and potentially very costly. Topics covered in this fast-paced lecture include the successful approach to:

  • • Identify if You Are a Potential Victim
  • • Develop Affordable Proper Responses Consistent
    with the Threat
  • • Separate Fact from Fiction

Social Engineering in the 21st Century is an ideal keynote for your next Sales or All-Hands meeting or may be presented in a
Lunch and Learn environment.

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