Recognition of Observable Behavior       
Recognition of Observable Behavior Technique
Understand behavior, not appearance

Most people look at a crime from the time it occurs and move forward. Protective Countermeasures Inc. teaches you how to start at the occurrence and work backwards to the source to prevent it from happening in the first place.

This unique technique focuses on understanding behavior, not appearance. It will provide the training necessary to avoid “profiling,” which is a major problem for companies and security, and it will explain how behavior is predictable and recognizable. The cutting-edge method is based on the techniques utilized by special services organizations in the U.S. Government.

The program reveals the newest techniques in crime prevention that utilize a practical approach to reducing crime – the recognition of key behavior patterns that criminals and terrorists alike exhibit. Examine the basic components for conducting a surveillance operation of your facility, and how you can protect your facility against potential threats.

The key ingredients of the method including:

• Offender Recognition
• Weapons Recognition and Concealment
• IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices)
• Use, Disguise and Concealment
• Suspicious Packages
• Suspicious Behavior Techniques
• Actions, Props, Diversionary Tactics, Monitoring

Learn the skills that law enforcement professionals use regularly, and how surveillance techniques, especially key observation skills, will help you to identify potentially suspicious behavior.

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