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No organization can ever be completely devoid of vulnerabilities.

From time to time every organization will encounter some form of threat or unexpected risk. However an organization can take steps to minimize the impact that these threats may have. Which is why the very first step in any effective security management plan is to identify your risks, threats and vulnerabilities.

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Threats can result from man-made disasters such as:

  1. Disgruntled employees who become violent or
    who plant explosive or arson devices.
  2. Deranged individuals who focus their anger on corporate
    executives or facilities which to them symbolize their
  3. International terrorists may target specific corporations
    or specific industries, attacking the facilities or its
    executives directly.
  4. Others

As well as Natural disasters such as:

  1. Chemical plant accidents
  2. Major power outages
  3. Water Main Breaks
  4. Earthquakes
  5. Air conditioner loss putting entire computer systems
    in danger of serious damage and data loss
  6. Others

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By conducting a SMART assessment
Protective Countermeasures & Consulting, Inc.
can rapidly assess the following for your organization:

  1. Critical Assets and Infrastructure
  2. Existing Countermeasures
  3. Relevant Threats
  4. Specific Vulnerabilities
  5. Anticipated Losses
  6. Recommend Threat-Specific Corrective Actions